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A Vancouver Criminal Defense Attorney in Your Corner

Most of the time our criminal justice system gets it right. However, the system is far from perfect and many people find themselves in need of solid legal representation to face charges in court.  Aggressive, Strategic, Bold, and Solid – these are the qualities good defense counsel.   For nearly thirty years I have represented clients on a wide array of charges from domestic violence to serious violent felonies against persons and property such as robbery, burglary and assault.  With past experience prosecuting cases on behalf of the cities of Ridgefield, La Center and Battle Ground, Washington, I am familiar with the approach and tactics of local police and prosecutors.

The Best Defense is a Great Offense

Full, thorough and aggressive investigation into the facts wins the day.   Aggressive investigation of a case can identify violations of a client’s rights by law enforcement officers; find inconsistencies and contradictions in witness accounts; and/or demonstrate the incompatibility of the physical evidence with the prosecutor’s theory of the case.  
Without an aggressive and experienced advocate in your corner, prosecutors are free to seek justice on their terms because they do not look for or see the weaknesses in their own case.  

When the Client is Part of the Team

Successful criminal defense starts with team mentality.  While I bring to the table knowledge of the law, the courts and the procedure, only the client knows the real facts of the case and most often the client is their own best investigator bringing unique insight into the evidence in the case.

Don’t delay. Call today.

If you have been charged with a crime in the Vancouver area, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. I fight to defend the rights of my clients. I have built my reputation on getting results. Nothing is more important than your freedom. If you need a defense attorney who is dedicated to your case, call 360-787-2424 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my office in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

What others say about Clayton Spencer

I highly recommend Clayton Spencer an his very professional team! As a former prosecuting attorney Clayton brings a highly valuable set of professional skills to the table. I came to Clayton by way of referral, my personal situation was one that included the need for both criminal and family law representation. On both sides of the coin Clayton offered clear insight and assertive representation.  I was made aware of options, advantages, and draw backs of potential actions and outcomes. My criminal representation lasted 2 weeks, ending in a dismissal. My divorce was finalized in 94 days from filing! To those of your considering representation, do yourself a favor and call these folks first. You will be hard pressed to find ANY attorney in the area to match their level of knowledge, professionalism, or commitmentJohn B., January 2017

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  • "Hands down, he is the best investment I have made in me – he is my lawyer for life! " - W.C, Vancouver, February 2016

  • "THANK YOU. Words can’t actually describe my gratitude but I can definitely tell you that your ability to manage me and my messy situation could not come with greater appreciation. I truly believe that I could not have managed it as well or as successfully without you. You are such a blessing to this crazy world and you’re helping make a true difference in people’s lives." - Lindsay, J., June 2018

  • "You have no idea how much I appreciated the kindness, patience, and above all the love you showed me during the last five months. I could not have coped through this nightmare without you. Thank you! I also wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had you in my corner during this ordeal. It means a lot to me to have had someone (so amazingly talented and competent) who I had complete trust in handling the most difficult event of my life. Once again my most sincere thank you!" - Judith D., Vancouver, June 2017

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