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We live in a far more transient world than our parents and grandparents. Moving away or relocating to a new locality in furtherance of a new relationship or a new career is seemingly not a big deal these days, except when it comes to separating a parent from their child(ren).  Washington’s Child Relocation Act (RCW 26.09.405-.560.) awards a “primary residential parent” (i.e., a parent having more than 55% of the residential time with a child) a “rebuttable presumption that the intended relocation of the child will be permitted.”  The procedural requirements of the Child Relocation Act apply to any relocation wherein the child(ren) will be moved outside of their present school district and the relocation of the different locality will almost assuredly effect your current parenting plan and child support order (long distance transportation expenses?)

The Child Relocation Statute and its effect on parent/child relationships has come to represent a significant portion of my practice from helping people to secure the right to relocate where it will benefit them and their child(ren) to challenging relocations where they are made “in bad faith” or when there is concern that the proposed relocation will harm the child(ren).  I have presented many, many cases on both sides of the issue and that experience is invaluable to navigating the court’s application of the Child Relocation Statute to your particular circumstances. Call me today at 360-787-2424 or contact me online to schedule a consultation to discuss all of the angles of a potential relocation.

  • "Clayton represented me in a very challenging case. Clearly outlying options and potential outcomes before proceeding, always affording me time to make my decisions. His firm was not after my money and charging me unnecessarily, but more driven to deliver the results. If you need sound legal advice or top-knotch representation- Spencer Law is where you should start your search." - Paul September 14, 2022

  • "Clayton is very knowledgeable and has a great plan for your case. He helped me to completely resolve my matters even before my first hearing. He will thoroughly explain the process to you and do everything he can to get you a favorable outcome. I highly recommend Clayton Spencer!" - Katie September 10, 2022

  • "I called Clayton today and left a voicemail, he called back shortly after. He was very upfront. Even though he couldn’t represent me, he spent several minutes giving me advice and options. Very kind man! Highly recommend him if you are in his area!" - Lily June 16, 2022

  • "I can’t say enough good things about Clayton and his paralegal Jill. They helped me navigate the scariest time of my life. I knew I needed a tough lawyer and trust me Clayton is one tough lawyer. I am extremely grateful they coached me through a very difficult time. They educated me at every level and represented well. I highly recommend using Clayton and Jill." - anonymous June 6, 2022

  • "I was referred to Clayton Spencer Law Firm by another attorney who told me that Clayton is the BEST. I was having a horrific time with the attorney that I was working with and am so grateful that I terminated her and hired Clayton and Jill. Working with Clayton and Jill was night and day in comparison. Clayton always provided thorough explanations and he kindly laid out the pros and cons of the actions that needed to be taken each step of the way. He took the time to carefully listen to my concerns so that I never felt disregarded. He and Jill provided guidance and were empathetic and kind, yet moved the process along quickly and so, so, so, cost efficiently. A child support calculation and motion that took my previous counsel’s firm 6 weeks to complete took Jill about 20 minutes. When opposing counsel didn’t respond to requests or phone calls, as was typical, Clayton politely emailed every single day until he received a response. I felt that Clayton and Jill truly wanted what was best for me and my son, while making sure that the settlement was fair for both parties. I highly recommend this dynamic duo!" - maria April 11, 2022

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